Bladee – DRAIN STORY Lyrics

DRAIN STORY Lyrics – Bladee

They’re trying to make me distracted
This is not a diss-track, but I don’t like that (It’s crazy)
S-Spin around like a nine and give me whiplash (Yeah)
C-Come so fresh, so clean, out of a birdbath
(Yeah, hahaha, haha, ah, shit, it’s crazy)

Every time I fall down, I’m bound to get back up
You’ve been lying to me and that’s messed up
You know how I feel, put your crest up (Crest)
Dream inside of a dream, had to rest up (Oh)
You’ve been-, you’ve been starting the believing
I got the something that you’ve been seeking (Yeah)
And I wait for the fall (Oh)
But this drain story about to reach my favorite part (Oh, oh, oh)

(I’ma pour up a drink, baby, it’s to you)
(You know who you are, it’s been too long)

Walking in with the forces, don’t have to force it (Oh)
Ah, kick the door off the door hinges (Yeah)
Can’t-, can’t fit in with the normies
If being drainy is a sin, Lord, forgive me (Yeah)
Thaiboy Goon, shake the room baby (Shake the room, yeah)
I’m going crazy, screws loose, baby (Yeah)
You don’t know me, haven’t checked the news lately
I should’ve told you about the truth, but I was too lazy
You¡re always trying to tell me so serious, but it’s a joke to me
It’s only funny when we tell it, otherwise it’s not fun
But it’s only priceless until you put a price on it
Someone put a price on it, so you can’t buy it

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