Bombay Bicycle Club – Turn the World On Lyrics

Turn the World On Lyrics by Bombay Bicycle Club

You always think you’ve blinked and missed it
on your last lap round the sun
I never felt so optimistic
since the days when I was young
I’d dream of growing old
and all the things I thought I would have done

Turn the world on

You’ll make a fine young man
you’ll smooth it out you’ll see where I went wrong
You’ll find your merry gang
they’ll hang their bags a couple pegs along
They’re leaving one by one
they’re calling out they’re begging you to come

Turn the world on

You make your bed just how you wanna
Make your bed how you intend
You take the page and fold the corner
Try to skip right to the end
You’ll dream of moving on
to all the things you thought you would have done

Turn the world on
(It won’t wait for you)

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