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Category: 21 Savage

​i am​﹥i was (Album 2018)

01. ​a lot
02. ​break da law
03. ​a&t
04. ​out for the night
05.  gun smoke
06. 1.5
07. all my friends
08. ​can’t leave without it
09. asmr
10. ball w/o you
11. good day
12. pad lock
13. monster
14. letter 2 my momma
15. 4L

21 Savage – Nothin New Lyrics

Nothin New by 21 Savage They thought I only rapped about murder and pistols I’m tryna feed my family, I ain’t being political You ain’t givin’ out money then they […]

21 Savage – 4L Lyrics

4L Lyrics by 21 Savage [21 Savage] Solid n----, real street n---- A hundred percent, a hundred and ten percent Ain’t no cut on this s---, n---- This s--- blue […]

21 Savage – pad lock Lyrics

pad lock Lyrics by 21 Savage [21 Savage] Yeah, yeah, dawg This s--- real, dawg N----- kill, dawg Keep the steel, dawg Or be a long-live dog Straight up [21 […]

21 Savage – good day Lyrics

good day Lyrics by 21 Savage [Lord Infamous] I think of murder, murder on me mind Murder on the menu, murder on the timer [21 Savage] Today was a good […]

21 Savage – ball w/o you Lyrics

ball w/o you Lyrics by 21 Savage [21 Savage] Whoa Whoa, whoa [21 Savage] You runnin’ ’round drinkin’ liquor Takin’ pictures ’cause you miss me (I know you miss me) […]

21 Savage – asmr Lyrics

asmr Lyrics by 21 Savage [21 Savage] Y’all know what’s goin’ on 21 Gang ’til I’m gone 4L Gang ’til I’m gone If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’- […]

21 Savage – 1.5 Lyrics

1.5 Lyrics by 21 Savage [21 Savage] My earrings cost a half a ticket, I don’t hear the same s--- y’all n----- hear On God [21 Savage] Pockets on Cheez-Its, […]

21 Savage – gun smoke Lyrics

gun smoke Lyrics by 21 Savage [21 Savage] Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (Gun smoke) Yeah (Gun smoke) Yeah, yeah (Gun smoke) Yeah, yeah, yeah (Gun smoke) Yeah, yeah [21 Savage] […]

21 Savage – ​a&t Lyrics

​a&t Lyrics by 21 Savage Good job 1st [Yung Miami] (Bounce that) A-- and t------, a-- and t------ (Shake that) A-- and t------, he throw money, twenties (Bounce that) A-- […]

21 Savage – ​break da law Lyrics

break da law Lyrics by 21 Savage [21 Savage] Southside on the track, yeah Yeah Cut the bullshit, I’m not with it Call your main b----, she let me hit […]

21 Savage – a lot Lyrics

a lot Lyrics by 21 Savage (Extended) Featuring J.Cole [21 Savage] I love you Turn my headphone down a little bit, yeah For so many reasons Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, […]

21 Savage – all my friends Lyrics

all my friends Lyrics by 21 Savage [Post Malone] Yeah, yeah [Post Malone] I lost all my friends countin’ bands in the Bentley coupe Diamonds on me doin’ handstands, Rosé […]