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Category: 21 Savage

​i am​﹥i was (Album 2018)

01. ​a lot
02. ​break da law
03. ​a&t
04. ​out for the night
05.  gun smoke
06. 1.5
07. all my friends
08. ​can’t leave without it
09. asmr
10. ball w/o you
11. good day
12. pad lock
13. monster
14. letter 2 my momma
15. 4L

21 Savage - Immortal Lyrics

21 Savage – Immortal Lyrics

Immortal By 21 Savage Lyrics 21 I feel like the motherfuckin’ Grim Reaper The biggest smoke blower Put a motherfuckin’ chimney on my stick Brand new MAK-90 with the drum […]

21 Savage – Nothin New Lyrics

Nothin New by 21 Savage They thought I only rapped about murder and pistols I’m tryna feed my family, I ain’t being political You ain’t givin’ out money then they […]

21 Savage – 4L Lyrics

4L Lyrics by 21 Savage [21 Savage] Solid nigga, real street nigga A hundred percent, a hundred and ten percent Ain’t no cut on this shit, nigga This shit blue […]

21 Savage – pad lock Lyrics

pad lock Lyrics by 21 Savage [21 Savage] Yeah, yeah, dawg This shit real, dawg Niggas kill, dawg Keep the steel, dawg Or be a long-live dog Straight up [21 […]