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Category: 6ix9ine

6ix9ine - TUTU Lyrics

6ix9ine – TUTU Lyrics

TUTU By 6ix9ine I get money when I want to I get bitches when I want to Tote this pistol when I want to Money dance step, hit the one-two […]

6ix9ine - WAIT Lyrics

6ix9ine – WAIT Lyrics

WAIT By 6ix9ine Wait, wait, wait, I got them ‘Gielas again They in they feelings again Wait, wait, wait, cry baby, they crying again ‘Cause they can’t do what I […]

6ix9ine - CHARLIE Lyrics

6ix9ine – CHARLIE Lyrics

CHARLIE By 6ix9ine Ray Charles, I ain’t never seen a bitch I need Fuck that, I don’t need no skis It’s so many rich niggas fuckin’ bitches for free If […]

6ix9ine - NINI Lyrics

6ix9ine – NINI Lyrics

NINI By 6ix9ine Ah, Leftside again Limitless, yes It’s Kybba Gyal dem come again, gyal, yay Tek yuh time, tek yuh time, tek yuh time now (Yeah) Gyal, mi waan […]

6ix9ine - LEAH Lyrics

6ix9ine – LEAH Lyrics

LEAH By 6ix9ine Akon Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh Ooh-oh Baby, you you’re all that I want When I pour Patron in your […]

6ix9ine - GATA Lyrics

6ix9ine – GATA Lyrics

GATA By 6ix9ine Beat Menace They keep telling me to keep the bitch, but I’ma leave the bitch Ray Charles, John Cena shit, I can’t see the bitch Shorty said […]