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Category: 88rising

Nothing Wrong Lyrics

88rising – Nothing Wrong Lyrics

Nothing Wrong by 88rising Harikiri on the beat [MaSiWei] Let me pick you up girl [Chinese] [DZ] 每天醒来希望你自觉地把我下面含你嘴里面 I don’t see nothing wrong I don’t see nothing wrong 美国队长发来邮件邀请我们去神盾局里参观 I […]

Nothing Wrong Lyrics

88rising – JAPAN 88 Lyrics

JAPAN 88 by 88rising [Famous Dex:] You know what I’m sayin’ I just.. that’s just how I like to do it, know what I’m sayin’ (Dexter) My real name is […]

88rising – I Want In Lyrics

I Want In by 88rising [AUGUST 08:] Tryna be with you is crazy You be on your own s--- daily [?] make you go papa You only show your love inside […]

Disrespectin Lyrics

88rising – Disrespectin Lyrics

Disrespectin by 88rising amonds say “Disrespectin'” Whole clique’s some veterans, you can tell by their necklace Came through with the extras If they poppin’ set we gon air ’em out […]

88rising – Beam Lyrics

Beam by 88rising [Southside:] Southside, Southside, Southside [Baka Not Nice:] Murda on the beat so it’s not nice [Playboi Carti:] My life off a beam My life off a beam […]

88rising – Poolside Manor Lyrics

Poolside Manor by 88rising Write your name on it like Casanova Do it witcho hands, don’t take them off Know you like to swim inside the ocean But let me […]

88rising – Lover Boy 88 Lyrics

Lover Boy 88 by 88rising I dedicated this song, for all my ladies 貝士準備 結他準備 鼓手也準備 還有幫我把麦克风调低一点 Chengdu in the house Nanjing in the house LA in the house And […]

Plans Lyrics

88rising – Plans Lyrics

Plans by 88rising [NIKI:] Wakin’ up to the sounds of you loving me Love in the shower and on the counter and on the table You know how to throw […]

88rising – Swimming Pool Lyrics

Swimming Pool by 88rising 你拿什麼塞滿你的bankroll? 整天弄得這些都是peso, dollar, 你有RMB嗎? 你怎麼跳進swimming pool啊? Gucci pants 塞滿我的 bankroll RMB, dollars, 也有 pesos 我從二樓陽臺跳進 swimming pool 胡說八道隨便錄個 demo Gucci pants 塞滿我的 bankroll RMB, dollars, 也有 […]

Red Rubes Lyrics

88rising – Red Rubes Lyrics

Red Rubes by 88rising [Yung Bans:] Aye, aye, aye Red rubies and they bleed Pop some percs, I might O.D Aye, yuh, aye Red rubies and they bleed Percies make […]

La Cienega Lyrics

88rising – La Cienega Lyrics

La Cienega by 88rising [NIKI:] Empty bottles on the floor Party’s over, thank the lord Watching these four walls round me shrinking Its’ so quiet, I can hear myself think […]

88rising & Rich Brian – History Lyrics

History by 88rising & Rich Brian We got history (history) Got me feeling the nostalgia When you look at me (look at me) Thinking ’bout what could’ve happened Or what […]

88rising – Warpaint Lyrics

Warpaint by 88rising (feat. Niki) Every time I turn my head Lovers kissin’ everywhere Fingers runnin’ down their side They’re just livin’ the lie Love is nothing but a cowboy […]

88rising – Let It Go Lyrics

Let It Go by 88RISING | Feat. Higher Brothers & Blocboy JB (Prod. by Falcons) [BlocBoy JB & MaSiWei:] Bounce (What? what? Bounce make the beat drop) What’s that in […]