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Category: 88rising

88rising – Hold Me Down Lyrics

Hold Me Down By 88rising Lyrics 我不再喜欢买下, diamond and gold 我不再关心今年春天播种秋天带来多少收成 我此时此刻只想猛地踩下油门 风吹地头疼, you bring me from Dallas to Houston 你是我最平静的港湾 跨过大西洋的航班 像马里奥一般在闯关 我在沙滩沐浴和你烛光晚餐 奋不顾身撞到南墙我也不会转弯 我被丘比特给派上去疯狂爱上你 站在台上享受 all the eyes […]

88rising – Calculator Lyrics

Calculator By 88rising Lyrics Shit’s not addin’ up I think my calculator’s broken I’m not meant for love I’m not meant for love Shit’s not addin’ up (Ooh) I think […]

88rising – Gold Coast Lyrics

Gold Coast By 88rising Lyrics Sit your ass back down, man, who you fightin’? Actin’ like that shit gon’ solve your problems These bad bitches ain’t lookin’ for your kindness […]

88rising – 2 The Face Lyrics

2 The Face By 88rising Lyrics Up in the club, takin’ shots to the face Toast to the fact that we livin’ better days I got tears of joy, I […]

88rising – La La Lost You Lyrics

La La Lost You By 88rising Lyrics While I’m on Sunset, are you on the subway? While I drive, are you gettin’ on the L-train? I mean, Manhattan’s nice, but […]