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Category: A$AP Ferg

A$AP Ferg – Ride Lyrics

Ride by A$AP Ferg [Ty Dolla $ign] Ayy, I just wanna ride with you Ayy, I just wanna ride with you What are we gonna do? Ayy, I just wanna slide up here […]

A$AP Ferg – Hummer Limo Lyrics

Hummer Limo by A$AP Ferg See me with my VV teeth, yeah (Ooh) I got LV on my fleece, yeah (Alright) Diamonds on me, I’m elite, yeah (Alright) She want […]

A$AP Ferg – Butt Naked Lyrics

Butt Naked by A$AP Ferg I know that you feel the adrenaline I got a bad b---- that’s Dominican I Gucci’d my back like Gilligan My diamonds is lookin’ like […]

A$AP Ferg – Jet Lag Lyrics

Jet Lag by A$AP Ferg Sip lean back (Woo), got a lot of chips (Yeah) Got jet lag ’cause I’m flyer than a b---- (Right) Sip lean back (Woo), got […]

A$AP Ferg – loor Seats Lyrics

loor Seats by A$AP Ferg Floor seats for the Knicks Couple models blow a kiss (Huh) They don’t even want a pic Wanna lick up on the (Yeah, yeah) I […]

A$AP Ferg – Wam Lyrics

Wam Lyrics by A$AP Ferg [A$AP Ferg] Yeah, yeah Ooh, ooh, yeah [A$AP Ferg] And I got all the flavor b------ say I’m delicious I’ma have all you m------------ laying […]

A$AP Ferg - Wings Lyrics

A$AP Ferg – Wings Lyrics

Wigs by A$AP Ferg ft. City Girls, ANTHA Wigs on the floor Wigs, wigs on the floor Ayy, yeah Ayy, ayy, ayy Frankie motherfuckin’ P Oh we got another one […]

A$AP Ferg – Pups Lyrics

Pups ft. A$AP Rocky by A$AP Ferg [A$AP Ferg & A$AP Rocky] Where my dawgs at? (We right here, dawg) Where my dawgs at? (Right here, dawg) Where my dawgs […]

A$AP Ferg – Verified Lyrics

Verified by A$AP Ferg At 7 AM I wake up, hit the green I hit my teeth with Listerine I pray to God to live my dream Achieve gon’ be […]

A$AP Ferg – Moon River Lyrics

Moon River by A$AP Ferg Feat. Elle Fanning Released : 2018 [Elle Fanning:] Moon river Wider than a mile I’m crossing you in style Someday Oh dream maker [A$AP Ferg […]

A$AP Ferg – Plain Jane REMIX Lyrics

Plain Jane REMIX by A$AP Ferg Feat. Nicki Minaj Released : 2017 [Nicki Minaj:] Young Money Ayo Ferg [A$AP Ferg:] Yeah Ride with the mob, Alhamdulillah Check in with me […]