Adekunle Gold – Omo Eko Lyrics

Omo Eko Lyrics – Adekunle Gold AG!!! We wanna party AG!!! We wanna party It’s Kel P vibes Party never start till I enter the place You know say action

Adekunle Gold – 5 Star Lyrics

5 Star Lyrics – Adekunle Gold See I don’t look like wetn I don see I will never forget the 90s Many Nights I go dey beg for mercy Sickle

Adekunle Gold – Born Again Lyrics

Born Again Lyrics – Adekunle Gold N’kanu taara yòròjanna1 Ale ma sòn seginma N’jarabi taara yòròjanna Ale ma sòn seginma Man, I clocked 30 And it dawned on me I

Adekunle Gold – Win Lyrics

Win Lyrics – Adekunle Gold In my lifetime In my lifetime People I fit die for dem be like two Everybody no go like am Dem no go like am

Adekunle Gold – One Woman Lyrics

One Woman Lyrics – Adekunle Gold Woah Woah Woah AG Baby Is your baby yeah yeah yeah I be one woman typa man Shamelessly lover man Only you Is all

Adekunle Gold – Sinner Lyrics

Sinner Lyrics – Adekunle Gold Loving you be my greatest sin Said I was done but see I’m here You don’t make it easy rara To stay away from yawa

Adekunle Gold – FYE Lyrics

FYE Lyrics – Adekunle Gold Sweet melody Sweet melody Melody Good energy Good energy Energy Smoke up some tree Smoke some tree Smoke some tree Gimme fye Gimme fye Gimme

Adekunle Gold – Sleep Lyrics

Sleep Lyrics – Adekunle Gold Sleep dey your mind when it’s cold at night Pressure burst pipe when you hold me tight Even if I dey alright we go on

Adekunle Gold – Selah Lyrics

Selah Lyrics – Adekunle Gold She’s a Gemini so I’m letting go Our stars no match E don dey show The more I look The less I know The lies

Adekunle Gold – Mercy Lyrics

Mercy Lyrics – Adekunle Gold AG Baby carry body body Bad Boy Deks no dey worry worry Open my eyes show me who dey for me Make I no dey