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Category: Aitch

Aitch – Intro (H2O) Lyrics

Intro (H2O) by Aitch Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun WhYJay As soon as my thugs set foot in the shubz We set pace so your girlfriend’s lookin’ at us Got […]

Aitch – What’s Next Lyrics

What’s Next by Aitch WhYJay (Ahh) Yeah, what’s next? What’s next? What’s next? What’s next? Pick up a check, flex (Flex, flex, flex) Came for your neck (Woo) (Lil’ p----, […]

Aitch – Already Lyrics

Already by Aitch I swear I never met a chick so fine I might move to this one and say I sing like Ty I get her so wet because […]

Aitch – 2 G’s Lyrics

2 G’s by Aitch Came a long way from being posted at the shop About a tenner in my pocket, thinking how to get my guap I’m not lookin’ to get nicked so I […]

Aitch – Aeroplane Mode Lyrics

Aeroplane Mode by Aitch Hello? Huh? Yeah I don’t wanna talk on the phone no more (More) They got it twisted, they think they’re oh so sure True say, I […]

Aitch – Buss Down Lyrics

Buss Down by Aitch Buss down, yeah she get the buss down (Buss down) 10/10, man I hit a touch down (Touch down) No one could take a shot now […]

Aitch – Weekday Lyrics

Weekday by Aitch Steel Banglez What we sayin’ Mo? Yeah She said “Men are trash”, I think girls are too Put the blame on me but I’m the same as […]