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Category: AJ Mitchell

AJ Mitchell – Spring Break Lyrics

Spring Break By AJ Mitchell No contest, got the perfect view White t-shirt, I can see right through Drunk off your body, body Got me high like molly, molly Got […]

AJ Mitchell – Unstoppable Lyrics

Unstoppable By AJ Mitchell Unstoppable Unstoppable Hey Ride or die, let it run You’re the gun, suicide Fantasy, come alive Enemies, step aside Where you’ve been, all my life? You’re […]

Aj Mitchell – Down In Flames Lyrics

Down In Flames by Aj Mitchell: What you’re feeling now is a sudden rush Getting mad, lashing out but I think it’s love We don’t talk for days, try to […]

AJ Mitchell – Out My Mind Lyrics

Out My Mind by AJ Mitchell Starin’ at my phone light Starin’ at the pictures that we took, it figures Crazy how the time flies You know I’ve been thinkin’ all night I’ve […]