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Category: AJ Mitchell

Aj Mitchell – Down In Flames Lyrics

Down In Flames by Aj Mitchell: What you’re feeling now is a sudden rush Getting mad, lashing out but I think it’s love We don’t talk for days, try to […]

AJ Mitchell – Out My Mind Lyrics

Out My Mind by AJ Mitchell Starin’ at my phone light Starin’ at the pictures that we took, it figures Crazy how the time flies You know I’ve been thinkin’ all night I’ve […]

AJ Mitchell – Slow Dance Lyrics

Slow Dance By AJ Mitchell (ft. Ava Max) [AJ Mitchell] If you stay for this minute Girl, I’ll never let you down We ain’t off the limit I could hold […]

AJ Mitchell – Move On Lyrics

Move On Lyrics by AJ Mitchell Tell me where your heart is Tell me when it started Beating too slow Where did you go? Play me like a classic Tell […]

AJ Mitchell – Talk So Much Lyrics

Talk So Much by AJ Mitchell I heard you got something to say My friends told me that you been saying Lies about me So what’s up? Tell me Don’t […]

AJ Mitchell – No Plans Lyrics

No Plans Lyrics AJ Mitchell (feat. Marteen) Friday night at home It’s kinda getting old Nothing really gets me I’ll probably do this next week Pack another bowl Watch an […]

AJ Mitchell – Girls Lyrics

Girls by AJ Mitchell Lately, I ain’t got time on my hands much, aye I’m tryna stay focused, but they keep on hittin’ my phone up, oh Say, come and […]