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Category: Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding – Pilot Lyrics

Pilot Lyrics by Aldous Harding I don’t know how to behave Reacting, fists dangling About the same time every day Sometimes an outfit blows in from the street I can […]

Aldous Harding – Damn Lyrics

Damn Lyrics by Aldous Harding Can you make a space on the seat? A box-like shape for a silly woman? Damn, a chamois I thought I’d made a tambourine When […]

Aldous Harding – Treasure Lyrics

Treasure Lyrics by Aldous Harding I made it again to the Amazon I’ve got to erase, the same as the others And I see it far cleaner than that Expecting […]

Aldous Harding – Designer Lyrics

Designer Lyrics by Aldous Harding Whatever was your angle With that visionary shimmer? A strange thing, to roll out a spell À l’amour Tears water the flowers of need And […]

Aldous Harding – Fixture Picture Lyrics

Fixture Picture Lyrics by Aldous Harding [Aldous Harding] Honey, your face is folding up As the memory kisses you goodbye It’s better to live with melody and have an honest […]