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Category: Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin - Stan Lyrics

Alec Benjamin – Stan Lyrics

Stan Lyrics by Alec Benjamin [Alec Benjamin] My tea’s gone cold I’m wondering why I got out of bed at all The morning rain cloud touched my window And I […]

Alec Benjamin – Steve Lyrics

Steve Lyrics Alec Benjamin I know the bible isn’t perfect ’cause it left one person out There was Adam, there was Eve, and there was someone else around Yeah I […]

Alec Benjamin – Swim Lyrics

Swim Lyrics Alec Benjamin I’ve been falling much more deep Than I wanna I’ve been wishing I could breathe Underwater I hold my breath I can’t see what comes next […]

Alec Benjamin – 1994 Lyrics

1994 Lyrics by Alec Benjamin Released : 2018 This is where I broke my wrist Where I thought I could fly Thinking I was Superman So you know you can’t […]