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Category: Alessia Cara

The Pains of Growing (Album 2018)

01. Growing Pains
02. Not Today
03. I Don’t Want To
04. 7 Days
05. Trust My Lonely
06. Wherever I Live
07. All We Know
08. A Little More
09. Comfortable
10. Nintendo Game
11. Out of Love
12. Girl Next Door
13. My Kind
14. Easier Said

Alessia Cara – Like You Lyrics

Like You by Alessia Cara almost made my lose my cool for a minute almost forgot who i am for a minute almost forgot that you count on your lucky […]

Alessia Cara – October Lyrics

October by Alessia Cara 5am the moon went to sleep your friend speaking in tongues in the back seat just one little glance, i know what you mean somehow we’re stealing moments, moments away […]

Alessia Cara – OKAY OKAY Lyrics

OKAY OKAY by Alessia Cara My  best friend said to me, “I know just what we need A  song of yours that we could feel ourselves to” I said it’d be a test, ’cause […]

Rooting For You

Alessia Cara – Rooting For You Lyrics

Rooting For You By Alessia Cara Got me feeling like the elephant In every room I’m walking into, yeah We started off innocent ‘Til I got pulled right into your […]

Alessia Cara – Ready Lyrics

Ready by Alessia Cara I think it’s safe to say that you would always change New colours day-to-day, my friend, you are a hurricane The look on your face, all […]

Alessia Cara - Easier Said Lyrics

Alessia Cara – Easier Said Lyrics

Easier Said Lyrics Alessia Cara Hey girl with the empty eyes Open up, you know you look prettier when you smile Look around, it’s a decent life You feel too […]

Alessia Cara – My Kind Lyrics

My Kind Lyrics Alessia Cara Do you recall the days at your old place? Playing with Troll dolls to scare the kids away My closet was a time machine, your’s […]

Alessia Cara – Out of Love Lyrics

Out of Love Lyrics Alessia Cara I won’t tell you I’m lonely ‘Cause it might be selfish I won’t ask you to hold me Cause that won’t help what’s helpless […]

Alessia Cara – Nintendo Game Lyrics

Nintendo Game Lyrics Alessia Cara Choose your weapon and let’s go Who’s gonna beat this level? I speed up, you slow down Looks like I’m on your tail now Another […]

Alessia Cara - Comfortable Lyrics

Alessia Cara – Comfortable Lyrics

Comfortable Lyrics Alessia Cara What happens to a flame when it burns out? What happens to a love that’s not new? What happens when I’m no longer impressive? When there’s […]

Alessia Cara - All We Know Lyrics

Alessia Cara – All We Know Lyrics

All We Know Lyrics Alessia Cara Saint Nick don’t exist anymore [?] was just a lonely man It’s so damn hard to believe in anything, again What scares the optimist? But […]