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Category: Alicia Moffet

Alicia Moffet – Forgive Me Lyrics

Forgive Me By Alicia Moffet (I wish you could forgive me now) Fighting for forgiveness Sit here and cry Wondering what it would’ve been like Now it feels so lifeless […]

Alicia Moffet – Why Lyrics

Why By Alicia Moffet Sometimes I sit here and I just keep wondering why What is our purpose and what is the meaning of time Going in circles and circles […]

Alicia Moffet – Cursed Lyrics

Cursed By Alicia Moffet You came into my mind Can’t blame you I welcomed you But now you’re making damage I hoped that we’d be fine I push through And […]

Alicia Moffet – Strangers Lyrics

Strangers By Alicia Moffet You’ve been on my mind Maybe it’s time to say it to face to face A year went by So many things changed but you, you […]