All Time Low – Safe Lyrics

Safe By All Time Low Safe, better keep that thought to yourself (Self) When you find that place and it only lasts for a minute Yeah, it only lasts for

All Time Low – Clumsy Lyrics

Clumsy By All Time Low I flew too close to the sun Fell back to Earth like a stone I got too high on myself Too young and stupid to

All Time Low – Glitter & Crimson Lyrics

Glitter & Crimson By All Time Low It’s a typical story, three in the morning You’re holding my head Caught in the tension, silent confessions At the foot of your

All Time Low – Basement Noise Lyrics

Basement Noise By All Time Low We used to be all hypothetical A fever dream, can’t get hysterical Found a space and time in the Holocene Make believe, make believe

All Time Low – Trouble Is Lyrics

Trouble Is By All Time Low Feel you under my skin Middle of the night, wonder if you feel it too Echoing in my head Calling me with doubts, so

All Time Low – Sleeping In Lyrics

Sleeping In By All Time Low I woke up on a Tuesday Felt like a Friday night to me Never wanna leave this bed Tell me that you got nowhere

All Time Low – Birthday Lyrics

Birthday by All Time Low I got a lot of things on my mind right now A million ways to think about you I can’t say I expected anything different