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Category: Allan Rayman

Allan Rayman – Blush Lyrics

Blush By Allan Rayman Calm down pretty lady, you can have that for free Bet you don’t work that hard, little thing make you free Try and starve yourself for […]

Allan Rayman – Bunny Lyrics

Bunny By Allan Rayman I didn’t think you’d come around, didn’t think you’d call back I don’t think much about any of that I don’t really look for this, I […]

Allan Rayman – Pretty Please Lyrics

Pretty Please By Allan Rayman It’s because we never speak And we don’t talk too much And that’s alright with me But I don’t have you enough I always have […]

Allan Rayman – Road Warrior Lyrics

Road Warrior By Allan Rayman She’s fighting with her fists, throwing fits, picking fights She’s got on her tongue in touch, in her teeth, in her bite I never walk […]