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Category: Allan Rayman

Allan Rayman – Stitch Lyrics

Lyrics: Stitch by Allan Rayman Before you hand me down, try me on Trim the sleeves if they hang too long Inside out, you see the stitch Inside out, you […]

Allan Rayman – Poison Lyrics

Poison by Allan Rayman [Allan Rayman] Poison slowly seeps, I fall asleep again Mother puts her hand to my head I am sick but I’m not dead I just need […]

Allan Rayman – Crush Lyrics

Crush Lyrics Allan Rayman Now, there’s a look that I know, a familiar feeling Her crush starts to grow, so she picks her massive meat And takes it all home, […]

Allan Rayman – Rose Lyrics

Hey Rose It’s nice to meet you I’ve been a fan for a long damn time I know, I don’t mean to scare you Just need a second of your […]

Allan Rayman – 13 Lyrics

Album : Roadhouse 01 Released : 2017 Genres : Alternative/Indie [Allan Rayman] Well, there you go again, acting like it’s all about you And there you go again, acting like […]

Allan Rayman – Repeat Lyrics

Repeat by Allan Rayman Released : 2017 Genre : Alternative/Indie [Jessie Reyez] Libraries of all of these memories I never touch I only look back to see where I don’t […]