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Category: Allie X

Allie X - Regulars Lyrics

Allie X – Regulars Lyrics

Regulars By Allie X Out in public, ’cause I learned a new trick now See I’m laughing, don’t I look so happy now? Oh wow I’m with the regulars I’m with the regulars Now […]

Allie X – Rings a Bell Lyrics

Rings a Bell By Allie X Lyrics It’s so hard to find It takes a certain place, a certain time I know not everybody got that That shine, that shine, […]

Allie X – Fresh Laundry Lyrics

Fresh Laundry by Allie X: Fresh Laundry Lyrics: I want to be near fresh laundry It’s been too many years of not folding These days, no one’s bothering me ’bout nothing These days, […]

Allie X – Last Xmas Lyrics

Last Xmas Lyrics Allie X Haaah-aahh… Haaah… Haaah yeah… Last Christmas, I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away This year, to save me […]

Allie X – Little Things Lyrics

Little Things by Allie X Released : 2018 I put my head on my shoulders Try to be someone, yeah I told my passion he’s a waste of time Try […]

Allie X – Kid Wonder Lyrics

Kid Wonder by Allie X Released : 2018 I can change your life in a single night I can make you hungry, get an appetite I could tell a story […]

Allie X – Paper Love Lyrics

Paper Love by Allie X Released : 2017 Genre : Synth-pop I believe, I believe in the things you do And I wanna believe you believe that too All the […]