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Category: ALMA

ALMA - Stay All Night Lyrics

ALMA – Stay All Night Lyrics

Stay All Night By ALMA I want all the answers Cause sometimes we don’t even know the questions My mama said we only got two options Either we gonna live […]

ALMA - Nightmare Lyrics

ALMA – Nightmare Lyrics

Nightmare By ALMA Your mom thinks I gave your sister some molly She asked me if all I do is just party She told me, “You’re corruptin’ my family” She’s […]

ALMA - Mama Lyrics

ALMA – Mama Lyrics

Mama By ALMA How many shots do you have to take to be an alcoholic? How much shit do you gotta say to be psychotic? How many teardrops? How many […]

ALMA - King Of The Castle Lyrics

ALMA – King Of The Castle Lyrics

King Of The Castle By ALMA I’ve been dreaming since I was seventeen I wanted everything I thought it’s gonna be different I’ve been dreaming, big houses overseas Love letters […]

ALMA - My Girl Lyrics

ALMA – My Girl Lyrics

My Girl By ALMA We can stay up early morning Stay on the corner All night Or we can just stay in this moment Stay in this romance All right […]

ALMA - Find Me Lyrics

ALMA – Find Me Lyrics

Find Me By ALMA Paranoia now from the sirens Invincible, concussion from the violence But you know all the places where I’m hiding So come on, find me I told […]