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Category: ALMA

ALMA – Worst Behavior Lyrics

Worst Behavior By ALMA Lyrics Another year wasted on endless work They don’t know my worth Another year wasted on stupid jokes I rip off my shirt I am done, I’m sick of […]

ALMA – Have U Seen Her? Lyrics

Have U Seen Her? By ALMA Lyrics HHave you seen her? Ayy I’m running, running, running like a psycho It’s funny, funny, funny but it’s not cool I feel wavy […]

ALMA – Lonely Night Lyrics

Lonely Night by ALMA The city’s on fire, and girls gettin’ hotter I’m faded on liquor, you’re likin’ picture Don’t live when I’m with you, but can’t be without you […]

ALMA – Summer Lyrics

We went to watch the waves and I wrote both our names in a heart on the pavement, yeah Yesterday was vibin’, now we sit in silence Wanna see you […]

Alma – When I Die Lyrics

When I Die Lyrics by Alma [Alma] When I die, I hope everyone got two drinks in their hands When I die, I hope it looks like a movie from […]

Alma – Nice Girls Lyrics

Nice Girls Lyrics by Alma Released : 2018 Full Lyrics will be available soon. Check out Later, or You Can Send Us the Lyrics Using Form Below. ALMA – Cowboy […]

ALMA – Cowboy Lyrics

Cowboy by ALMA Released : 2018 [?] Looking at me sideways Staring at my lover’s face Hoping when we die out Letting it all go to waste Swinging at the […]

ALMA – Chasing Highs Lyrics

Chasing Highs by ALMA Released : 2017 Genre : Pop Label : Universal Music International Ltda. 2 AM, I’m fading in the dark Like floating in the ocean People need […]

ALMA – Dye My Hair Lyrics

Dye My Hair Lyrics by ALMA I’m not that kinda girl To keep my voice unheard To carefully pick words, oh no I’m not that kinda girl To easily get […]