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Amaranthe - Make It Better Lyrics

Amaranthe – Make It Better Lyrics

Make It Better Lyrics By Amaranthe Eight billion souls to change the reason why I’ve always walked with blindfolded eyes ‘Cause they always told me it’s impossible To make it […]

Amaranthe - Scream My Name Lyrics

Amaranthe – Scream My Name Lyrics

Scream My Name Lyrics By Amaranthe You can never take back what’s mine You can never dictate, it’s my life You can never tell me what to do I’m already […]

Amaranthe - Adrenaline Lyrics

Amaranthe – Adrenaline Lyrics

Adrenaline Lyrics By Amaranthe I hear you breathe Conceal my need Be my final solution And all I ask is be concrete Into my sphere, I know you’ll be the […]

Amaranthe - Strong Lyrics

Amaranthe – Strong Lyrics

Strong Lyrics By Amaranthe I know I made a lot of mistakes I know I’m not perfect in any way But after all, who’s the one to blame When I […]

Amaranthe - The Game Lyrics

Amaranthe – The Game Lyrics

The Game Lyrics By Amaranthe So many days we left aside We sought fortune by the rainbow We longed to turn the hourglass For the future going under As the […]

Amaranthe - Crystalline Lyrics

Amaranthe – Crystalline Lyrics

Crystalline Lyrics By Amaranthe My precious faith got lost and found Still thinking of you It is engraved in fallen vines Still linger with you I didn’t break, I didn’t […]