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Category: American Authors

American Authors – Microphone Lyrics

Microphone By American Authors (Ooh-la-la, the world’s on fire All my friends are getting higher I just want my microphone My microphone) I walk the streets at night With monsters […]

American Authors – Champion Lyrics

Champion · American Authors (feat. Beau Young Prince) The crowd only cheers when the blood hits the floor Win or lose, it doesn’t matter, they’ll just replace me And the crowd will still […]

American Authors – Neighborhood Lyrics

Neighborhood Lyrics by American Authors (Feat. Bear Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE) I left my mother feelin’ sick in her bedroom My daddy told me, “Son, you best grow up” I told […]

American Authors – Say Amen Lyrics

Say Amen Lyrics American Authors (feat. Billy Raffoul) [Zac Barnett] What if we could talk Like it never happened? Everything we lost We could get it back and [Zac Barnett] […]