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Category: Aminé

Amine – Onepointfive Album

Onepointfive (Album 2018)

1. Dr. Whoever
2. Hiccup
3. Reel It In
4. Blackjack
5. Why?
6. Shine
7. Chingy
8. Dapperdan
9. Cantu
10. Sugarparents
11 STFU2
12. Ratchet Saturn Girl
13. Together

Aminé - RiRi Lyrics

Aminé – RiRi Lyrics

RiRi By Aminé Pasque, heat it up! Ooh, ooh, so in love Ooh, so in love (Yeah) Ooh, so in love_(Yeah,_yeah, uh) You love_Rihanna but you ain’t a savage_(Nah, nah) […]

Aminé - Shimmy Lyrics

Aminé – Shimmy Lyrics

Shimmy By Aminé Ah, man, man Ah, man, man, man, man, man, man, what’s up? Alright, yeah, yeah It’s been a whole year, my nigga Let’s not front, it’s my […]

Aminé – Places + Faces Lyrics

Places + Faces by Aminé I’m living life so fast (yeah) I can’t even count the hours I get a text from my dad FaceTime ya mom from the Eiffel […]

Aminé – Invincible Lyrics

Invincible Lyrics Aminé I wanna fly right now, I wanna see how my homies get down I wanna feel like I can’t come down I got a dream so I […]