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Category: Aminé

Amine – Onepointfive Album

Onepointfive (Album 2018)

1. Dr. Whoever
2. Hiccup
3. Reel It In
4. Blackjack
5. Why?
6. Shine
7. Chingy
8. Dapperdan
9. Cantu
10. Sugarparents
11 STFU2
12. Ratchet Saturn Girl
13. Together

Aminé – Invincible Lyrics

Invincible Lyrics Aminé I wanna fly right now, I wanna see how my homies get down I wanna feel like I can’t come down I got a dream so I […]

Aminé – Together Lyrics

Together by Aminé Released : 2018 [Chorus: LA Priest] You’ve waited long, forever A heart is worth the weather You should go out and get her And learn to love […]

Aminé – STFU2 Lyrics

STFU2 by Aminé Released : 2018 [Intro: Rickey Thompson] Before you talk that s--- about me, how ’bout you clear your throat? I can hear you chokin’ on my tenacious […]

Aminé – Sugarparents Lyrics

Sugarparents by Aminé Feat. Rico Nasty Released : 2018 I could be a sugar daddy, but I’d rather not That’s how I keep my money, baby, I got me a […]

Aminé – Cantu Lyrics

Cantu by Aminé Released : 2018  Download the Android app  to get lyrics to the songs you play CANTU Aminé “CANTU” the ninth track on Aminé’s sophomore album is him […]

Aminé – Dapperdan Lyrics

Dapperdan by Aminé Released : 2018 [Pre-Hook: Aminé] Attitude like “what you lookin’ at?” My face look like “I don’t wanna chat” My wrist look clean, and it’s mean, it’s […]

Aminé – Chingy Lyrics

Chingy by Aminé Released : 2018 Yeah Hey! [Chorus] VVs on my pinky ring It’s right there like I’m Chingy man Tell me who the f--- are you? B---- you […]

Aminé – Shine

Aminé – Shine Lyrics

Shine by Aminé Released : 2018 I don’t wanna feel like I need ya You’re a catch but I’m not a receiver I’m nervous what this might turn into Know […]

Aminé – Why? Lyrics

Why? by Aminé Released : 2018 Yeah This sound like Yeah my momma told me to close the door I don’t wanna close it no more Ohh, I wonder why […]

Blackjack by Aminé

Aminé – Blackjack Lyrics

Blackjack by Aminé Released : 2018 I just bought a new grill, shining like a new whip Adam got a new drip, I’m a nappy-headed black lil cool kid Yeah […]

Aminé – Reel It In Lyrics

Reel It In by Aminé Released : 2018 Right now! Reel it in I got the bag, tell a friend She got some a--, bring it in B---- I’m the […]

Aminé – Hiccup Lyrics

Hiccup by Aminé Feat. Gunna Released : 2018 B-Bossed up, yeah Bossed, hey! My wrist sore (true), my wrist sore (true) You don’t want no problems, b----, no hiccups (no […]

Aminé – Dr. Whoever Lyrics

Dr. Whoever by Aminé Released : 2018 [Intro: Rickey Thompson] Sad on your muthafuckin b-day? B----, what the f---?! Don’t you realize you poppin’? Every time you walk in the […]