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Category: Amir Obè

Amir Obè - Bloodshot Lyrics

Amir Obè – Bloodshot Lyrics

Bloodshot by Amir Obè Released : 2018 Alcohol makes the convo easy We don’t speak but they lowkey need me Used to curve now they wanna come see me I […]

Amir Obè - Juliet Lyrics

Amir Obè – Juliet Lyrics

Juliet by Amir Obè Released : 2018 Hey, I will never cry let the songs do it Rise never [?] what the wrongs do Right here with the songs boo […]

Amir Obè – Romeo Lyrics

Romeo by Amir Obè Released : 2018 I won’t shed a tear again Woke up on a pyramid Man in the mirror ooh I see [?] again Right side pleaded […]