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Category: Anderson East

Anderson East – Cabinet Door Lyrics

Cabinet Door by Anderson East Feat. Jillia Jackson Released : 2018 I don’t know if I can let it go My fingers clenched white as snow You packed your world […]

Anderson East – Without You Lyrics

Without You by Anderson East Feat. Steve McEwan Released : 2018 You’re on a shadow of a dark You’re someone, I can’t live without Sure the sun is gonna rise […]

Anderson East – Surrender Lyrics

Surrender by Anderson East Feat. Aaron Raitiere, Adam Hood Released : 2018 Thought I was a fighter I’m throwing in the towel Backed in my corner There’s no winning now […]

Anderson East – This Too Shall Last Lyrics

This Too Shall Last by Anderson East Feat. Natalie Hemby, Aaron Raitiere Released : 2018 Looking all around, you think nothing is really working The pieces never fit quiet, naturally […]

Anderson East – Girlfriend Lyrics

Girlfriend by Anderson East Released : 2017 I can’t fight it She got me hot and bothered Her ring rock ’round her finger Showing me I shouldn’t want her And […]