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Category: Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen – Chance Lyrics

Chance by Angel Olsen Anyway you want to, honey Take me, show me how you want me I believe all that you say I can see it in the way […]

Angel Olsen – Endgame Lyrics

Endgame by Angel Olsen I needed more, needed more than love from you I needed more, needed you to, to be with me I wrote it out, wrote it out […]

Angel Olsen – Summer Lyrics

Summer by Angel Olsen Took a while but I made it through If I could show you the hell I’d been to Kept climbing till one day I looked back […]

Angel Olsen – Tonight Lyrics

Tonight by Angel Olsen I like the air that I breathe I like the thoughts that I think I like the life that I lead Without you Without you Without […]

Angel Olsen – Impasse Lyrics

Impasse by Angel Olsen Go on ahead, tell your friends I was wrong Take it all out on me, I’m too caught up to see Everyone will believe, will believe, […]

Angel Olsen – What It Is Lyrics

What It Is by Angel Olsen It’s easy when you’re passionate It’s easy when you know your way around It’s easy when you love something It’s easy if you know […]