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Category: Ann Marie

Tripolar 2 (Album 2019)

01. Bag
02. Secret
03. Have You
04. Ride For Me
05. Hennessy
06. Around
07. Worth It
08. Pull Up
09. Ayeee

Ann Marie - Stress Relief Lyrics

Ann Marie – Stress Relief Lyrics

Stress Relief By Ann Marie Oh, what you doing? Really? You know I’m coming over, right? (Now, baby, tell what you wanna do with me?) Now, you got it hot- […]

Ann Marie - Mind Games Lyrics

Ann Marie – Mind Games Lyrics

Mind Games By Ann Marie Damn Juice you drippin’ the sauce Say goodbye Say goodbye, mind games The way you move Heard you out here choosing (Choosing) You lying right […]

Ann Marie – Decline Lyrics

Decline Lyrics by Ann Marie (Feat. Sonta) [Ann Marie] You make it difficult for me to leave you alone It’s like everywhere I go, they always mention you I tried […]

Ann Marie – Main Thing Lyrics

Main Thing Lyrics by Ann Marie I wanna be your escape When you feel the walls are closing in I wanna heal your pain Baby, you know you can call […]

Ann Marie – In a Minute Lyrics

In a Minute Lyrics by Ann Marie (Feat. Q Money) [Q Money] That pussy be wet like a river, like a river I swear I’m gon’ make her feel it […]