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Category: Ann Marie

Tripolar 2 (Album 2019)

01. Bag
02. Secret
03. Have You
04. Ride For Me
05. Hennessy
06. Around
07. Worth It
08. Pull Up
09. Ayeee

Ann Marie – Main Thing Lyrics

Main Thing Lyrics by Ann Marie I wanna be your escape When you feel the walls are closing in I wanna heal your pain Baby, you know you can call […]

Ann Marie – In a Minute Lyrics

In a Minute Lyrics by Ann Marie (Feat. Q Money) [Q Money] That p---- be wet like a river, like a river I swear I’m gon’ make her feel it […]

Ann Marie – Touch Me Lyrics

Touch Me Lyrics by Ann Marie Touch me, tease me, please me, bae Go deep, make me weak when you eat, bae Change the sheets, I made a leak, I’m […]

Ann Marie – Low Key Lyrics

Low Key Lyrics by Ann Marie Tired of waiting, why you playin’? See baby, I’m losing patience So frustrated, conversations, debating if we gon’ make it ‘Cause I’ll be damned […]

Ann Marie – Property Lyrics

Property Lyrics by Ann Marie [Ann Marie] See they don’t like the fact you f--- with me But I don’t give a f--- ’cause boy, you know you’re stuck with […]

Ann Marie – Sexting Lyrics

Sexting Lyrics by Ann Marie Baby, come spend the night I’ve been missing you Can only imagine all the things that we can do You been on my mind I […]

Ann Marie – Karma Lyrics

Karma Lyrics by Ann Marie Congratulations Guess you the first n---- got close enough to play me Contemplating Ooh, I’m thinking ’bout doing something crazy My mind racing So I’ma […]

Ann Marie – Drip Lyrics

Drip Lyrics by Ann Marie (feat Jeremih) [Jeremih & Ann Marie] I put my hands up on your hip and when I dip, you dip, we dip Boy, this p---- […]

Ann Marie – My Body Lyrics

My Body Lyrics by Ann Marie No lie, those eyes You giving me “f--- me” vibes When I arrive You gon’ get it all tonight ‘Fore we f---, you gotta […]

Ann Marie – Throw It Back Lyrics

Throw It Back Lyrics by Ann Marie Troy Taylor, you the G.O.A.T Talking s--- over the phone Boy, you better watch your tone All we do is fight, it’s getting […]

Ann Marie - Ayeee Lyrics

Ann Marie – Ayeee Lyrics

Ayeee Lyrics by Ann Marie Aye, all my b------ bad and they with the s---- If it ain’t about a bag it’s irrelevant (ayee) I got all these b------ mad […]

Ann Marie - Pull Up Lyrics

Ann Marie – Pull Up Lyrics

Pull Up Lyrics by Ann Marie Pull up Boy pull down on me Then go down on me Pull up Baby come slide into me Pull up Let’s take a […]

Ann Marie - Worth It Lyrics

Ann Marie – Worth It Lyrics

Worth It Lyrics by Ann Marie Tell me was it worth it All the lying, all the cheating F----- up part is i believed you When you told me you […]

Ann Marie - Around Lyrics

Ann Marie – Around Lyrics

Around Lyrics by Ann Marie (feat. 147Calboy) When you ain’t around and you feeling down Little baby just call on me I know your soaking wet And i feel like […]

Ann Marie - Hennessy Lyrics

Ann Marie – Hennessy Lyrics

Hennessy Lyrics by Ann Marie 2 in the mornin’ I’m still recording Thinking ’bout you got me losin’ my focus Wish you were here so we could get on it […]

Ann Marie - Ride For Me Lyrics

Ann Marie – Ride For Me Lyrics

Ride For Me Lyrics by Ann Marie (feat. Calboy) Show me something real Something worth my time I know sometimes i drive you crazy baby Are you down for the […]