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Category: Architects

Architects - Giving Blood Lyrics

Architects – Giving Blood Lyrics

Giving Blood Lyrics – Architects The Gospel, distorted It leaves my blood running cold But still they say I’m rigging the ritual I never said that I was giving blood […]

Architects - Discourse Is Dead Lyrics

Architects – Discourse Is Dead Lyrics

Discourse Is Dead Lyrics – Architects Oh, it just won’t calculate A prophecy with a twist Do you really think Christ was a capitalist? Every man for himself Let thy […]

Architects - Impermanence Lyrics

Architects – Impermanence Lyrics

Impermanence Lyrics – Architects We’ve got a choice but still we’d rather choose to suffer ‘Cause there’s no escape once the fuse is lit Locked in this pantheon Swimming with […]

Architects - Little Wonder Lyrics

Architects – Little Wonder Lyrics

Little Wonder Lyrics – Architects Burn the altar built by the dollar sign Those waters are shallow That’s why the kids all say ‘Get the fuck out of our way’ […]

Architects - Libertine Lyrics

Architects – Libertine Lyrics

Libertine Lyrics – Architects We are the rust worshipping the rain Can I believe in anything I’ve got a doubters mind But that don’t give me the rope It’s not […]