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Category: Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox – Static Lyrics

Static by Ari Lennox [Ari Lennox] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah Hey, hey [Ari Lennox] You’re in control, love Don’t let the static drown us You’re in control, love How good […]

Ari Lennox – I Been Lyrics

I Been by Ari Lennox [Ari Lennox] I’ve been smokin’ purple haze, ooh All to forget about you I’ve been smokin’ purple haze, ooh All to forget about you [Ari […]

Ari Lennox – Pop Lyrics

Pop by Ari Lennox [Ari Lennox] Mmm Smokin’ on this dro, you don’t care You don’t judge me, you love me That’s why I keep you near [Ari Lennox] If […]

Ari Lennox - FaceTime Lyrics

Ari Lennox – FaceTime Lyrics

FaceTime by Ari Lennox [Ari Lennox] Go back that s--- up on me Back up all that s--- you talking FaceTimin’ my baby tonight Bet you wanna cop the feel […]

Ari Lennox – New Apartment Lyrics

New Apartment by Ari Lennox I just got a new apartment I’m gon leave the floor wet  Walk around this b---- naked  Nobody can tell me s---  A girl just […]

Ari Lennox - Speak to Me Lyrics

Ari Lennox – Speak to Me Lyrics

Speak to Me by Ari Lennox Leave me dusty and alone Feeling psychotic in my own home But you keep calling me out I’m not the enemy What’s this about? […]

Ari Lennox – Broke Lyrics

Broke by Ari Lennox [Ari Lennox] Ayy, ayy, ayy, woo, uh, ooh [Ari Lennox] Keep thing, cheap thing, cheap thing Cute thing, fine thing, pink frame, back then Lookin’ real […]

Ari Lennox – Chicago Boy Lyrics

Chicago Boy by Ari Lennox Woah woah woah woah Needed some Ricolas stepped in CVS Say you in the corner i was looking a mess You didn’t notice Jason was […]

Ari Lennox – Up Late Lyrics

Up Late Ari Lennox On all night Quarter five I be insane if I let you hit I need you Should be here For my regretful morning [Ari Lennox] Up […]

Ari Lennox – No One Lyrics

No One Lyrics by Ari Lennox Ay, ay Ay, ay Hmm Ay, ay Ay, ay Hmm 251 contacts You would think they are America’s best Some of us still remain […]

Ari Lennox – Pedigree Lyrics

Pedigree Lyrics by Ari Lennox Yeah, yeah I said, oh oh oh oh oooh Baby, baby In this hotel room, I’m all alone It’s about 2:30, ’bout to go out […]

Ari Lennox – Whipped Cream Lyrics

Whipped Cream by Ari Lennox I’ve been eatin’ whipped cream, havin’ vivid dreams Of your face in through people on TV screens You’ve been everywhere And I wish I didn’t […]

Ari Lennox – Cold Outside Lyrics

Cold Outside Lyrics by Ari Lennox Brownskin honey, said won’t you creep into my bedroom? You lookin’ real good now, tell me what it do I heard you got a […]