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Category: Arizona Zervas

Arizona Zervas – 24 Lyrics

24 By Arizona Zervas Take, take it easy word to 94! I got 24 hours, 24 hours, 24 hoes in the hotel tower 24 bitches on the guest list, yeah […]

Arizona Zervas – Roxanne Lyrics

Roxanne By Arizona Zervas Roxanne Roxanne All she wanna do is party all night God damn Roxanne Never gunna love me but it’s all right She think i’ma asshole She […]

Arizona Zervas – FML Lyrics

FML Lyrics by Arizona Zervas I see you got that new Mercedes I might let you drive me crazy Usually I ain’t the type to stay Cause you could fall […]

Arizona Zervas – L O Well Lyrics

L O Well by Arizona Zervas Released : 2018 These days when I check my dm’s all I see is meannequins They see how I’m living now they wonder what […]