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Category: Ashe

Ashe - Taylor Lyrics

Ashe – Taylor Lyrics

Taylor Lyrics – Ashe Saw myself in you, didn’t know who I was Didn’t need a map, didn’t think I was lost with you But you don’t stand a chance […]

Ashe - Not Mad Anymore Lyrics

Ashe – Not Mad Anymore Lyrics

Not Mad Anymore Lyrics – Ashe Burned out like a star ‘Cause baby, we were made to fall apart The best songs never last for very long Don’t forget the […]

Ashe - Always Lyrics

Ashe – Always Lyrics

Always Lyrics – Ashe What if staying with me isn’t the best way to keep you happy? And if letting you go, is the best way to show that I […]

Ashe - Serial Monogamist Lyrics

Ashe – Serial Monogamist Lyrics

Serial Monogamist Lyrics – Ashe You can say that I can stay But, no, you can’t have it your way I’m sayin’, “Bye, bye, bye,” to those days But I […]

Ashe - Ryne's Song Lyrics

Ashe – Ryne’s Song Lyrics

Ryne’s Song Lyrics – Ashe I got your voicemail again, seemed like you were busy So I tried to hide all the disappointment in the message I left behind If […]

Ashe - Kansas Lyrics

Ashe – Kansas Lyrics

Kansas Lyrics – Ashe There’s only one thing I’m sure of Loving’s good ’til it ends And you came to Kansas for romances So soak it up while you can […]