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Category: Ashnikko

Ashnikko - Cry Lyrics

Ashnikko – Cry Lyrics

Cry By Ashnikko Feat. Grimes I’m a tough bitch, but I’m sensitive Could’ve, could’ve, could’ve quick fucked, be your sedative That’s relative ’cause you were pushing me out to the […]

Ashnikko – Tantrum Lyrics

Tantrum By Ashnikko Riots on the TV, freeway dirt bike popping wheelies They wanna keep it PG, all their daughters wanna be me (Ah) I’m Georgia peachy, believe me, head […]

Ashnikko – STUPID Lyrics

STUPID By Ashnikko Lyrics Wet, wet, wet, wet (I’m shy) Wet, wet, wet, wet Oh my God Stupid boy think that I need him I go cold like changin’ seasons […]