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Category: Asian Doll

Asian Doll – Stank Walk Lyrics

Stank Walk By Asian Doll Pussy good, so I got that stank walk You the type be working for a nigga then he skrt off I’m not your ordinary bitch, […]

Asian Doll – Cravin Lyrics

Cravin By Asian Doll Lyrics feat. Yella Beezy These racks go carzy Put it on him he cravin Put it on him he cravin Put it on him he cravin […]

Asian Doll – YOU FU Lyrics

YOU FU Lyrics by Asian Doll Cállate, Mike Crook Bitch, I ain’t scared of nobody, I’m known to say that in your face Ayy, you talk about what you gon’ […]

Asian Doll – Truth Lyrics

Truth Lyrics by Asian Doll [Asian Doll] On, even though he on, on I’ma put him on, on I can’t put you on, on [Asian Doll] He be thuggin’, rich, […]