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Category: Astrid S

Astrid S – Years Lyrics

Years by Astrid S: Years Lyric: When you meet someone who has someone Is it your fault if you fall in love? When you know that you could hurt someone […]

Astrid S – Sidelove Lyrics

Sidelove by Astrid S: Sidelove Lyrics: Never wanna hit you first Been a week without a word Yeah, it always turns out messy Someone gets hurt Can’t tell you how I feel Yeah […]

Astrid S – Down Low Lyrics

Down Low by Astrid S: Down Low Lyrics: Take it all off Know I’m drunk but I don’t care it’s what I want All I’m thinking of is what you could do to […]

Astrid S – Someone New Lyrics

Someone New by Astrid S Does she dress in cool clothes? Did you meet in Paris? Bet she’s beautiful and perfect, everything I’m not Wish that I could find out […]

Astrid S – Trust Issues Lyrics

Trust Issues by Astrid S Why can’t you say it to my face If you don’t want me anymore Don’t leave me hanging with my trust issues If you don’t […]

Astrid S – Doing To Me Lyrics

Doing To Me by Astrid S Get my hopes up Too high I let my guard down Like you’re mine Just get it over with Let me go When you’re […]

Astrid S – The First One Lyrics

The First One Lyrics by Astrid S I know I shouldn’t say what I’m ’bout to say ‘Cause it’s never okay to go and brink your exes up No matter […]

Astrid S – Closer Lyrics

Closer Lyrics Astrid S In the beginning you were a stranger But my outlines were drawn to the danger And once I had taste of your flavour Mhm, closer So […]

Astrid S – Emotion Lyrics

Emotion by Astrid S Released : 2018 Did you forget That I’ve got a thing called emotion You live and you let ‘Til you start to plead How would I […]

Astrid S – Bloodstream Lyrics

Bloodstream by Astrid S Released : 2017 Genre : Pop Label : Universal Music A/S Leaving is easy, easy for him Gone in the nights I keep on facing The […]