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Category: AURORA

AURORA – Mothership Lyrics

Mothership by AURORA Am I home? Hmm Oh Am I, am I, am I? (Am I?) Hello? Am I, am I, am I? (Eh, am I?) You are home You […]

AURORA – Apple Tree Lyrics

Apple Tree by AURORA All of my life I’ve been hunting I’ve been a girl, I’ve been a boy Digging my feet into the ground, like an apple tree Wanted […]

AURORA – In Bottles Lyrics

In Bottles by AURORA I’ve poured my tears in bottles In case if I need them later You never know… You never know… And if I get thirsty Will they […]

AURORA – Soulless Creatures Lyrics

Soulless Creatures by AURORA Never knew this curious head of mine Never knew what is love if kept inside Nothing but and endless, empty heart Like laying in the sea […]

AURORA – Hunger Lyrics

Hunger by AURORA I been born for sometime And I got death on my mind Come on, follow me Away from the nightlife Sleeping in nirvana And I will long […]

AURORA – Daydreamer Lyrics

Daydreamer by AURORA White, silicon eyes, watching storms, sitting quiet Reading books in the heat of city lights Bored, everyone’s bored When I’m restless, put me under the night life […]

AURORA – The River Lyrics

The River by AURORA [AURORA] Hold your hands onto your chest And tell me what you find Out of you, spiral corpse and seas without it’s eyes [AURORA] Don’t forget […]

AURORA – The Seed Lyrics

The Seed Lyrics by AURORA [AURORA] Just like the seed I don’t know where to go Through dirt and shadow I grow I’m reaching light through the struggle Just like […]

AURORA - Animal Lyrics

AURORA – Animal Lyrics

Animal Lyrics by AURORA [AURORA] You are the victim The victim of my love I dangle up on rooftops Before I push you off I stand at the headlights Looking […]

AURORA – Queendom Lyrics

Queendom by AURORA Released : 2018 The underdogs are my lions The silent ones are my choir The women will be my soldiers With the weight of life on their […]