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Category: Avatar

AVATAR - God of Sick Dreams Lyrics

AVATAR – God of Sick Dreams Lyrics

God of Sick Dreams By AVATAR Just save the child Leave me to die No escape and no-one cares Purple lightning, spheric shapes Body fears what mind creates I swim […]

Avatar – The King Wants You Lyrics

The King Wants You by Avatar Released : 2017 A train in the distance I hear the whistle A lonely tune calling, telling where the wind is blowing At the […]

Avatar – A Statue Of The King Lyrics

A Statue Of The King by Avatar Released : 2017 On this glorious day we’re all citizens By all your warrior’s names we swear diligence Lay the first stone we […]

Avatar – New Land Lyrics

New Land by Avatar Released : 2016 A new world, awaits I’m flying without an escape plan Breakthrough the gate Take up, take me on Breakthrough the sky I will […]