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Category: Avicii

Avicii – Fades Away Lyrics

Fades Away by Avicii All of the troubled times that we have overcome All of the tracks to find somewhere that we belong All I’ll know is that with you […]

Avicii – Never Leave Me Lyrics

Never Leave Me by Avicii I’m always left out stranded on the fence You came along the week, oh, no pretense In the trance we danced and prayed for no […]

Avicii – Excuse Me Mr Sir Lyrics

Excuse Me Mr Sir by Avicii Chicken, chicken, [?] chicken I’ll tell you what you need to know Holla, holla, need to make a dollar Time to put on a […]

Avicii – Freak Lyrics

Freak by Avicii I don’t want to be seen in this shape I’m in I don’t want you to see how depressed I’ve been, yeah You were the never the […]

Avicii – Hold The Line Lyrics

Hold The Line by Avicii Crossbows and arrows, the smoke in the shadows You’ll lose your mind standing on the battle line Starting to choke on your heart in your […]

Avicii – Ain’t A Thing Lyrics

Ain’t A Thing by Avicii I swear I’m losing patience For all of these f-----’ situations And I swear I never say s--- But this time I’m gonna say it […]

Avicii – Bad Reputation Lyrics

Bad Reputation by Avicii Can you see my emotion Sinking away in slow motion? Like a break in the ocean Just getting lost out at sea Can you see my […]

Avicii – Peace of Mind Lyrics

Peace of Mind by Avicii Dear society You are moving way too fast Way too fast for me I’m just tryna catch my breath Can I get a little peace […]

Avicii – Tough Love Lyrics

Tough Love (Feat. Agnes & Vargas & Lagola ) by Avicii Weight is on me Weight is on you We scream and we fight like there’s nothing to lose End […]

Avicii – Hey Brother Lyrics

Hey Brother Lyrics by Avicii Fdeat. Dan Tyminski Hey brother There’s an endless road to rediscover Hey sister Know the water’s sweet but blood is thicker Oh, if the sky […]

Avicii – SOS ft. Aloe Blacc Lyrics

SOS Lyrics by Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc [Aloe Blacc] Can you hear me? S.O.S. Help me put my mind to rest Two times clean again, I’m actin’ low A pound […]

Avicii – Heaven Lyrics

Heaven Lyrics by Avicii Step out into the dawn You pray ’til, you pray ’til the lights come on And then you feel like you’ve just been born Yeah, you […]

Avicii – Without You Lyrics

Without You by Avicii Album : Avīci (01) Feat. Sandro Cavazza Released : 2017 You said that we would always be Without you I feel lost at sea Through the […]