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Category: AViVA


STREETS by AViVA Lying awake Awake in my bed Blood on my hands blood in my bed You’ve left me undone left my head Thinking of things Things that you […]

AViVA – Rabbit Hole Lyrics

Rabbit Hole Lyrics by AViVA I could say I’ll take you I could say I’ll make you But underneath all I plan /to do/ is break you You could be […]

AViVA – Blame It On The Kids Lyrics

Blame It On The Kids Lyrics AViVA Verse 1 Home in bed or out at night, don’t think twice just don’t think twice. Make a choice one you won’t regret, […]


GRRRLS by AViVA Released : 2017 Fake faces hiding everywhere Made up, makeup, made up stares To hide their stolen air Don’t look too close, don’t you dare Stupid seems […]