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Category: AViVA

AViVA - EVIL Lyrics

AViVA – EVIL Lyrics

EVIL By AViVA I’m sorry Somebody hurt ya When you were younger But why’d you take it out on me? Now you’re over, soon you see? I forgive ya It’s […]

AViVA - DGAF Lyrics

AViVA – DGAF Lyrics

DGAF By AViVA I’m fighting to find it The pieces are divided I’m trying to hide it You’ll still disguise it Their thoughts collided It will be the end of […]


HYPNOTIZED By AViVA You are poison breathing Just a fire demon Take my soul, leave me here Just a shell, I’m heaving Deep breath Deep breath, searching for air I […]

AViVA – RULES Lyrics

RULES By AViVA Don’t wanna hear your voice Think that you know me But you’re all wrong Got it all wrong Thought you might change my mind Thought that you […]


CEMETERY By AViVA In the dead of night, Nobody near you; nothing, no light Make it fight or flight, At the end of the day things don’t feel right Meet […]


STREETS by AViVA Lying awake Awake in my bed Blood on my hands blood in my bed You’ve left me undone left my head Thinking of things Things that you […]