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Category: Ayokay

In the Shape of a Dream (Album 2018)

01.  Ocean Front Apt.
02.  Swing Swing
03.  Sleepless Nights
04.  Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend
05.  You’re Not Here
06.  Stay With Me
07.  Half Past You
08.  Don’t You Worry
09.  Queen
10.  Something Familiar











ayokay – Sleeping Next To You Lyrics

Sleeping Next To You by ayokay: I’ve been sleeping next to you for months And I’m still not getting used to your touch We’ve been tiking like a bomb And this can’t go […]

ayokay – Move On Lyrics

Move On By ayokay Tell me what you want if you won’t take an I’m sorry You’re falling below Tell me what you want to Or I know it will […]

ayokay – California Will Never Rest Lyrics

California Will Never Rest By ayokay Crowded highways and sunsets Never thinking you’re underdressed Fake friends who feast off of your flesh California will never rest Crowded highways and sunsets […]

ayokay – Things Fall Apart Lyrics

Things Fall Apart by ayokay The thinking bus know the way shit haunts Like you swore you’d never be the one to smoke down cigarettes But then it stached you […]

ayokay – Queen Lyrics

Queen by ayokay Feat. Quinn XCII Album: In the Shape of a Dream Released : 2018 [ayokay] ‘Cause tonight you’re no queen But you still make it seem Why you […]

ayokay – Don’t You Worry Lyrics

Don’t You Worry by ayokay Feat. Jenny Mayhem Album: In the Shape of a Dream Released : 2018 She’s got the authentic diamonds Circling her eyes in fear Threatening her […]