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Category: Bad Omens

BAD OMENS – Limits Lyrics

Limits By BAD OMENS You set me up as the villain But you never mentioned the root of the problem Took what you wanted and flipped it But you won’t […]

Bad Omens – Never Know Lyrics

Never Know By BAD OMENS Show me you’re better off without me Chocking on every word you said We’ll see, we’ll see Don’t breathe another word about me I’ll leave […]

BAD OMENS – Said & Done Lyrics

Said & Done by BAD OMENS Old friend, don’t you see me With my soul on my sleeve and my heart left to beat underground? Don’t you leave me With […]

BAD OMENS – Burning Out Lyrics

Burning Out : BAD OMENS So tell me can you keep a secret? I thought I lost myself Trying to find a hidden meaning In all the lies you’d tell […]