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Category: Bad Wolves

BAD WOLVES – Crying Game Lyrics

Crying Game By BAD WOLVES Lyrics Sometimes denied feels like a hole in the sky Cutting me down in my pride You took my time, keep running your mouth on my dime Crying […]

BAD WOLVES – Heaven So Heartless Lyrics

Heaven So Heartless By BAD WOLVES Lyrics A place in the darkness I’m feelin’ so heartless Everything seems upside down Is there a way out? I pray for a way out Is there […]

BAD WOLVES – The Consumerist Lyrics

The Consumerist By BAD WOLVES Lyrics You think this is a f------ game? I cancelled the bill, I came to bring the pain Your f------ censorship won’t keep me in my seat again […]

BAD WOLVES – Back in the Days Lyrics

Back in the Days By BAD WOLVES Lyrics So sick of the color TV Leave a message n---- never find me I’m so bored, I’m torn Drive away Count the guts on the […]

BAD WOLVES – Foe or Friend Lyrics

Foe or Friend By BAD WOLVES Lyrics D-d-d-d-desperate and defeated Look in his eyes their both dilated T-t-t-t-time stands still awaits As his hands grip the bars of a cell Bye bye bye […]

BAD WOLVES – Better Off This Way Lyrics

Better Off This Way By BAD WOLVES Lyrics I’m better off this way The damage is done Apologies came too late I’m better off this way It’s better to be safe ‘Cause if […]

BAD WOLVES – Killing Me Slowly Lyrics

Killing Me Slowly By BAD WOLVES Lyrics Killing me, killing me, killing me slowly I built these walls to hide my ghosts Your fingers trace the wounds exposed I try and try to […]

BAD WOLVES – Learn to Walk Again Lyrics

Learn to Walk Again By BAD WOLVES Lyrics They say I’m radical I’m like a cannibal I dropped a bomb into a psalm And it’s infallible I’m like an animal We’re incompatible […]

BAD WOLVES – No Messiah Lyrics

No Messiah By BAD WOLVES Lyrics Baptized The mire ain’t a miracle Capsized A secret’s inconceivable Shots fired You did it again Sold your soul just to get this bread Broke down […]

BAD WOLVES – I’ll Be There Lyrics

I’ll Be There By BAD WOLVES Lyrics I’ve dug these graves and laid with the brave But  the better part of me of course was a slave I’ve  seen bands […]

Bad Wolves – Sober Lyrics

Sober by Bad Wolves: For a moment I can wait It’s a fight I guess I’ll never know For a moment I can wait I’m holding on to hope And I know you’re stoned, […]

Bad Wolves – Better The Devil Lyrics

Better The Devil by Bad Wolves Released : 2018 Gone, separate me from this loss I’ve known Tolerate these stitches I have sewn (We bare scars of our lives A […]

Bad Wolves – Zombie Lyrics

Zombie by Bad Wolves Released : 2018 Another head hangs lowly Child is slowly taken And the violence causes silence Who are we mistaken? But you see, it’s not me […]

Bad Wolves – Officer Down Lyrics

Officer Down by Bad Wolves Released : 2018 “911, what’s your emergency?” Pull the trigger on this nigg-er, let’s go I’m screaming hands up, don’t shoot Another finger on the […]