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Category: Earthtones (Album 2018)


Bahamas – No Depression Lyrics

No Depression by Bahamas Released : 2018 I feel it through my shoes They used to call that the blues Now they call it depression Everywhere I go Yes I […]


Bahamas – So Free Lyrics

So Free by Bahamas Released : 2018 Hold me, blame [?] There’s a boat and [?] jeans so clean Always long days Lost and sad my homies [?] My own […]


Bahamas – No Expectations Lyrics

No Expectations by Bahamas Released : 2018 Intro Sample lady voice – ‘no’ ‘no’ no’ then ‘wa paah’ wa paah’ ‘wa paah’ Verse 1 – With no explanations Life can […]


Bahamas – Show Me Naomi Lyrics

Show Me Naomi by Bahamas Released : 2018 Won’t pretend I know Every last little thing About you Can’t defend myself Yes its true I care But then I doubt […]