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Category: Bakar

Bakar - Play Lyrics

Bakar – Play Lyrics

Play Lyrics – Bakar Seasons changing like the faces in my brain Why you starting conversations with my name? I think you’re playing the fool and I ain’t playing with […]

Bakar - 1st Time Lyrics

Bakar – 1st Time Lyrics

1st Time Lyrics – Bakar The first time I saw the fire in your eyes I’d never really been tongue-tied Until I fell into you By design I’m not too […]

Bakar – Stop Selling Her Drugs Lyrics

Stop Selling Her Drugs by Bakar: Sellin’ Cara Delevingne Sniffin’ off a magazine And her boyfriend is a fiend, so he’s got to go Thinks he Charlie Sheen, but this is London, bro She’s […]