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Category: BANNERS

BANNERS – Too Soon Lyrics

Too Soon by BANNERS LYRICS To the incense and the distance and the light We set fire to our bedclothes in the night For all I knew is we’d be […]

BANNERS – Safe Lyrics

Safe by BANNERS LYRICS Climbing and falling tied up in the rhymes and reasons No city, no spaces, no oceans can stand between us When it gets heavy sometimes I’ve […]

BANNERS – Wild Love Lyrics

Wild Love by BANNERS LYRICS Holding on to all that they told you There’s something wrong when no one else shows you The starlit skies flying up over your head, […]

BANNERS – Light Up Lyrics

Light Up by BANNERS LYRICS I can still feel your fingers Your words on the tip of my tongue We could steal the keys to the kingdom We are while […]

BANNERS – Got It In You Lyrics

Got It In You by BANNERS LYRICS Holding back the flood in this skyscraper town You gave all that sweat and blood, now you think you’re gonna drown You can’t […]

BANNERS – Supercollide Lyrics

Supercollide by BANNERS LYRICS Before you felt it how could you know? When the wilderness was natural The sun and the moon and everything below Was set to explode (Supercollide) […]

BANNERS – Rule the World Lyrics

Rule the World by BANNERS LYRICS I know sometimes you get the feeling That all the writings on the wall And everything you do’s conditioned To reconcile with your submission […]

BANNERS – Someone To You Lyrics

Someone To You by BANNERS Released : 2017 I don’t wanna die or fade away I just wanna be someone I just wanna be someone Dive and disappear without a […]