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Bas – Nirvana Lyrics

Nirvana By Bas (ft. Falcons and B. Lewis) Get you, get you on the floor Kitchen table say no more Got you up against the door Run it up till […]

Bas – Amnesia Lyrics

Amnesia By Bas (ft. Ari Lennox & Kiddominant) She got a list of her needs Lost in the blessings I see She got a list of her needs I got […]

Bas – Fried Rice Lyrics

Fried Rice Lyrics by Bas Decisions I be makin’ when I get impaired Tell me where the ginger, man, I’m gettin’ there Money in my pocket barely fittin’ there But […]

BAS – Spaceships + Rockets Lyrics

Spaceships + Rockets by BAS Feat. LION BABE, Moe Moks & mOma+Guy Released : 2018 Iconic, I got it, all the way facts (it’s all the way) Blue tonic, James Harden, […]

BAS – Designer Lyrics

Designer by BAS Released : 2018 In a vault that I hold you in Open and close Safe as thoughts that I hold you in Open and close Open and […]

BAS – PDA Lyrics

PDA by BAS Released : 2018 I just wanna talk until your phone dies I don’t now why Girl, you got me so high So, I been tryna make up […]