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Category: Bastille

Bastille – Another Place Lyrics

Another Place by Bastille I am bound to you with a tie that we cannot break With a night that we can’t replace I’m lost but found with you in […]

Bastille – 4AM Lyrics

4AM by Bastille Four in the morning, we find ourselves here The best of us passed out, I don’t know who’s where I got all my old friends and new […]

Bastille – Nocturnal Creatures Lyrics

Nocturnal Creatures by Bastille We’re nocturnal, we’re nocturnal We’re nocturnal, we’re nocturnal We’re nocturnal, we’re nocturnal We’re noc-, we’re noc-, we’re nocturnal You put your arms around me Partners in […]

Bastille – Million Pieces Lyrics

Million Pieces by Bastille (A million pieces) I breathe in hard Don’t speak, cause it’s like a bitter pill You blow my mind, it makes my heartbeat (Harder, harder, harder, […]

Bastille - Divide Lyrics

Bastille – Divide Lyrics

Divide by Bastille Roll the window down, let the air blow ’round you A sadness in the breeze as the night divides us In these darker days, I push the […]

Bastille – The Waves Lyrics

The Waves by Bastille Staring down the barrel of a hundred tons It might be getting older, but the night’s still young We never, never give up on the lost […]

Bastille – Bad Decisions Lyrics

Bad Decisions by Bastille Love me, leave me Rhythm of the evening, chasing a good time London’s burning If the world is ending, let’s stay up all night Do you […]

Bastille – Those Nights Lyrics

Those Nights Lyrics by Bastille I can feel your eyes in the back of my head Burning, burning, burning Floating through the room as the hairs on my arms are […]

Bastille – Joy Lyrics

Joy Lyrics from album “Doom Days” (2019) Thought I’d never be waking On the kitchen floor But here I lie, not the first time Now my morning has broken And […]

Bastille – Doom Days Lyrics

Doom Days Lyrics by Bastille [Bastille] When I watch the world burn All I think about is you When I watch the world burn All I think about is you […]

Bastille – Quarter Past Midnight Lyrics

Quarter Past Midnight Lyrics by Bastille Released : 2018 [Bastille] It’s a quarter past midnight As we cut through the city Yeah yeah yeah The streets are getting restless Good […]

Bastille – World Gone Mad Lyrics

World Gone Mad by Bastille Released : 2017 So this is where we are It’s not where we had wanted to be If half the world’s gone mad The other […]

Bastille – Basket Case Lyrics

Basket Case by Bastille Released : 2017 Do you have the time To listen to me whine About nothing and everything All at once I am one of those Melodramatic […]

Bastille – Blame Lyrics

Album: Wild World Genre: Alternative/Indie You go sleep with the fishes There’s no room for you here, There’s no room for you here Wrap your teeth around the pavement Cause […]

Bastille - Good Grief Lyrics

Bastille – Good Grief Lyrics

“Good Grief Lyrics” So, what would you little maniacs like to do first? Watching through my fingers, watching through my fingers Shut my eyes and count to ten It goes […]