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Category: Bastille

Bastille - Plug In... Lyrics

Bastille – Plug In… Lyrics

Plug In… Lyrics – Bastille Tell me we’ll be alright Say that we’ll be fine Plug me right in, jump through the screen Final frontier, I can be anything Maddening […]

Bastille - Promises Lyrics

Bastille – Promises Lyrics

Promises Lyrics – Bastille Look Baby, I can’t promise you nuttin’ I mean, the future could be all we need or plugs in a dustbin I see the clouds all […]

Bastille - Stay Awake Lyrics

Bastille – Stay Awake? Lyrics

Stay Awake? Lyrics – Bastille (Stop the world, I want to get off Lucid dreams, I can’t get enough Give me the future Give me confidence Give me) Cyber love […]

Bastille - Club 57 Lyrics

Bastille – Club 57 Lyrics

Club 57 Lyrics – Bastille I came to the city Was armed to the teeth With ideas and desires As my only company I got the keys to the car […]

Bastille - Future Holds Lyrics

Bastille – Future Holds Lyrics

Future Holds Lyrics – Bastille Who knows what the future holds? Don’t matter if I got you, got you Who knows what the future holds? Don’t matter if I got […]

Bastille - Shut Off the Lights Lyrics

Bastille – Shut Off the Lights Lyrics

Shut Off the Lights Lyrics – Bastille I, I’m lost in my head again Time travelling, running a-, running away With darkness my only friend Don’t wanna do this all […]

Bastille - No Bad Days Lyrics

Bastille – No Bad Days Lyrics

No Bad Days Lyrics – Bastille When you got the call that no one wants to have Sick of hospitals to paper over cracks You weren’t scared at all but […]

Bastille - Thelma + Louise Lyrics

Bastille – Thelma + Louise Lyrics

Thelma + Louise Lyrics – Bastille Skipping town, down to Mexico Lipstick on, in the Thunderbird Let’s roll Drive right off of the world Leave your job and your gaslight […]

Bastille - Goosebumps Lyrics

Bastille – Goosebumps Lyrics

Goosebumps Lyrics – Bastille Goosebumps on my skin Hands on the back of my neck Where do you begin? Where does the fantasy end? I lost it, you found it […]

Bastille - WHAT YOU GONNA DO Lyrics

Bastille – WHAT YOU GONNA DO??? Lyrics

WHAT YOU GONNA DO??? By Bastille Johnny’s on the A-train Takin’ it the wrong way Shiny on the surface Rotten on the inside Shake, rattle and roll, you got control, […]

Bastille – Doom Days (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Bastille Release date: June 14, 2019 Label: Virgin Records Genre: Alternative/Indie Tracklist: Quarter Past Midnight Bad Decisions The Waves Divide Million Pieces Doom Days Nocturnal Creatures 4AM Another Place […]