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Category: Bazzi

Bazzi – I Got You Lyrics

I Got You By Bazzi So don’t trip, I got you I put ice on your wrist ’cause I want to, yeah You’re number one, and I’m cool with two […]

Bazzi – Renee’s Song Lyrics

Renee’s Song By Bazzi There’s a song I like to sing It says your name, I love the ring So come here, so come here I may be broken by […]

Bazzi – Young & Alive Lyrics

Young & Alive By Bazzi Ridin’ my bike like I’m too young to drive Careless and free like it’s 2005 Had to chill the fuck out, take a trip outside […]

Bazzi – Humble Beginnings Lyrics

Humble Beginnings By Bazzi Countin’ the bands, countin’ the digits All of us start‚ now all of us livin’ (All of us livin’‚ yeah) I pimped out my ride‚ call […]

Bazzi – Soul Searching Lyrics

Soul Searching By Bazzi I don’t step out the house, I be workin’ On my ‘Gram, on my ‘Gram, they be lurkin’ On my own, by myself, soul searchin’, soul […]