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Category: Bazzi

Bazzi – Soul Searching Lyrics

Soul Searching By Bazzi I don’t step out the house, I be workin’ On my ‘Gram, on my ‘Gram, they be lurkin’ On my own, by myself, soul searchin’, soul […]

bazzi no way

Bazzi – No Way! Lyrics

No Way! By Bazzi When I hop up in the Wraith It’s a high speed chase Push the pedal to the floor I won’t quit, no way You can’t stall […]

Bazzi – Fallin Lyrics

Fallin By Bazzi (Feat. 6LACK) I been hoping, I been praying Someone else could feel this pain and Save me from the fear, it linger Only has me falling quicker Look me in […]

Bazzi – Live Forever Lyrics

Live Forever By Bazzi World done finally stand by you Lookin’ in my eyes and you see right through Heaven is a place on Earth with you Heaven is a […]

Bazzi – Conversations With Myself Lyrics

Conversations With Myself By Bazzi Sometimes I wonder why I’m even here Or if I have the strength to persevere Sometimes I feel like I’m somebody else Who’s going mental […]

Bazzi – Who Am I? Lyrics

Who Am I? By Bazzi I can’t go on Instagram no more That s--- make me wanna die I can’t see another photograph Paintin’ the perfect lie, yeah I’m so tired of feelin’ […]

Bazzi - I.F.L.Y. Lyric

Bazzi – I.F.L.Y. Lyrics

I.F.L.Y. Lyrics by Bazzi This my baby This my Look Touchin’ you slowly, love how you hold me I was a player, that was the old me I sent a […]

Bazzi – Focus Lyrics

Focus by Bazzi Lyrics Slide with me, ride with me, get high with me Know that I like it when you’re next to me Especially like sexually ‘Cause you know […]

Bazzi – Paradise Lyrics

Paradise Lyrics by Bazzi [Bazzi] One, two, three, four [Bazzi] Hands on your body, I’m grabbin’ your a-- Enjoyin’ the moment ’cause life move too fast I’m lookin’ forward, ignorin’ […]

Bazzi – Caught In The Fire Lyrics

Caught In The Fire Lyrics by Bazzi The world on fire Let’s celebrate, let’s have a toast While we sit and we watch the whole world go up in flames […]

Beautiful Remix Lyrics Camilla Cabello

Bazzi – Beautiful Remix Lyrics

Beautiful Remix by Bazzi Feat. Camilla Cabello Released : 2018 Hey Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful angel Love your imperfections, every angle Tomorrow comes and goes before you know So I […]

Bazzi – 3:15 Lyrics

3:15 by Bazzi Released : 2018 Laying next to you, I got a flight in the morning Got me questioning what I think is important I can’t even lie, think […]

Bazzi – Honest Lyrics

Honest by Bazzi Released : 2018 If we had just been honest Gonna turn my read receipts on Just to let you know I won’t respond Darling asked me to […]

Bazzi – Mine Lyrics

Mine by Bazzi Released : 2018 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check Back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. [contact-form-7 id=”151140″ title=”Submit Lyrics”]

Bazzi – Why Lyrics

Why by Bazzi Released : 2018 I’m still on your Netflix Girl I know you love me Even though your parents They don’t f------ trust me They probably alright though […]