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Category: bbno$

bbno$ – it gon’last Lyrics

it gon’last By bbno$ I got bands, they multiplying They gon’ last, they gon’ last And my cash is exponential It gon’ last, it gon’ last Feel great, I feel good, there’s no doubt […]

bbno$ – pouch Lyrics

pouch By bbno$ I work, I grind, I make that bag I search, I find, I take that bag I work, I grind, I make that bag I search, I […]

bbno$ – jimmy neutron Lyrics

jimmy neutron By bbno$ Mayo got the sauce, I got the drip Got too many b------, f--- the Uber, called the ship (Nyoom) Then when I fought right out, NASA can’t take me down […]

bbno$ – ​pop song Lyrics

​pop song By bbno$ Label told me, “Write a pop song” I went, “Whoa-oh-oh” Girlie told me, “Buy that new purse” I said, ”No-o-o” Everybody seems so proud that I’m chartin’ now And […]

bbno$ – bad thoughts Lyrics

bad thoughts By bbno$ Baby no compliments, every man for himself Tryna get my money, yeah, I’m really ’bout my wealth Pull a swinger on me, can’t you see I’m black belt Wonder why […]

bbno$ - on god Lyrics

bbno$ – on god Lyrics

on god By bbno$ I just wanna cut loose, snip, f--- a job (F--- it) I can be my own boss, on God (Uh-huh) Just cut my own check (Check), made my own bread […]

bbno$ – shining on my ex Lyrics

shining on my ex By bbno$ Lyrics It’s bbno$ Why she tryna bite me? Why she tryna dite me? Flow be kinda frightenin’ Pull up like it’s Spike Lee Better tread lightly Neck, […]

bbno$ – slop Lyrics

slop By bbno$ Lyrics I f--- like anaconda, why you tryna buck up? My money got way longer, do you need a close-up? I place another comma, yeah, I always […]

bbno$ – thankful Lyrics

thankful Lyrics by bbno$ (Feat. lewis grant prod. Y2K) I to get my money if I put it on my mouth You drive shitty music, sussy boy, you are a […]