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Category: bbno$

​bbno$ – jurassic Lyrics

jurassic By ​bbno$ Yo, you silly for this one bro What the fuck you mean I ain’t hurt nobody argansar I’m just tryna jugg Diamonds plastic (what), bae Jurassic How […]

​bbno$ – banana Lyrics

banana By ​bbno$ Blizzard on my wrist, nah Bentley as the whip, nah Spend it on a bitch, nah Think I’ll ever quit, nah Nah nah, nah nah Nah nah, […]

​bbno$ – stucco Lyrics

stucco By ​bbno$ Skrr skrr skrr, skrr skrr skrr Don’t touch me sussie boy yeah heard you need a bandage Glance at my bank statement, think I really manage (huh) […]

​bbno$ – doubles Lyrics

doubles By ​bbno$ I got my numbers up, I might just run it up I got my numbers up, I might just run it up My hoes, they come in […]

​bbno$ – roo doo Lyrics

roo doo By ​bbno$ She gotta fitness, fat ass, tryna do some business Let me whip it, arm big, damn I eat my Spinach Drop a hitta, breaking, records like […]

​bbno$ – bunk Lyrics

bunk By ​bbno$ Yo, I gotta get one thing straight You gotta tell me this shit tho Why your girl bunk? I don’t wanna pop my god damn trunk I […]