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Category: Behemoth

Behemoth – Bartzabel Lyrics

Bartzabel by Behemoth Released : 2018 O Purple flame! O whirling wheel ov life! Appear! Move! Rise! Come unto me Bartzabel By the laws divine I quell Come unto me […]

Behemoth – Solve (Intro) Lyrics

Solve (Intro) by Behemoth Released : 2018 [Children:] Elohim! – I shall not forgive! Adonai! – I shall not forgive! Living God! – I shall not forgive! Jesus Christ! – […]

Behemoth – Wolves ov Siberia Lyrics

Wolves ov Siberia Lyrics Album: I Loved You At Your DarkestĀ  Released : 2018 Enthrone thyself, O Archuman O how thou shineth in the realm above As planets rumble when […]

Behemoth – God=Dog Lyrics

God=Dog by Behemoth Released : 2018 There’s serpent coiling around my neck The adoring crescent moon in blazing night The holy river Ganga flowing through my muddled hair In the […]