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Category: Ben Platt

Ben Platt – Run Away Lyrics

They met at school that’s how it goes Some drinks and then a rose Then plans to meet again He wrote her poems songs and prose She knew that he’d […]

Ben Platt – Older Lyrics

I was walking down 57th street towards Park With the same old song in my same old heart Making plans I’m gonna do when I get older Passed a gray-haired […]

Ben Platt – Better Lyrics

I don’t know if you’re listening or if you wanted to hear from me I don’t feel like you’re supposed to when somebody sets you free I’m not good at […]

Ben Platt – New Lyrics

Wish that I’d known this feeling was coming When I was crying over you Now that you’re gone, I carry nothing It feels like flying Boy, I used to throw […]

Ben Platt – Hurt Me Once Lyrics

Hurt Me Once Lyrics by Ben Platt I’m sure it was nothing But you never used to bring somebody else along Used to be our thing Going to a movie, […]

Ben Platt – Honest Man Lyrics

Honest Man Lyrics by Ben Platt There’s something about you in the moonlight But your eyes go so well with the day You won’t let go of your layers But […]

Ben Platt – Ease My Mind Lyrics

Ease My Mind Lyrics by Ben Platt Most days I wake up with a pit in my chest There are thoughts that I can’t put to rest There’s a worry […]

Ben Platt - Temporary Love Lyrics

Ben Platt – Temporary Love Lyrics

Temporary Love Lyrics By Ben Platt You’re afraid to meet someone ‘Cause you been burned, you been burned, you’ve been burned Love is good until it’s gone That’s what you […]

Ben Platt – Grow As We Go Lyrics

Grow As We Go Lyrics By Ben Platt [Ben Platt] You say there’s so much you don’t know You need to go and find yourself You say you’d rather be […]

Ben Platt – Bad Habit Lyrics

Bad Habit Lyrics by Ben Platt [Ben Platt] You always said that I’d come back to you again ‘Cause everybody needs a friend, it’s true Someone to quiet the voices […]