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Ben Platt - carefully Lyrics

Ben Platt – carefully Lyrics

carefully Lyrics – Ben Platt I always found it funny That your favourite part of a movie Was trying to ...

Ben Platt - dark times Lyrics

Ben Platt – dark times Lyrics

dark times Lyrics – Ben Platt Thirteen is hard enough So busy growing up Now you’re sitting on a secret ...

Ben Platt - Imagine Lyrics

Ben Platt – Imagine Lyrics

Imagine Lyrics – Ben Platt Your eyes give life a new meaning It’s like I found the North Light I ...

ben platt so will i lyrics

Ben Platt – So Will I Lyrics

So Will I By Ben Platt You say “What if I go crazy?” I say “That ain’t gonna happen” You ...

ben platt rain lyrics

Ben Platt – RAIN Lyrics

RAIN by Ben Platt You’re saying You’ve been through this before You gave away all your secrets To someone who ...

ben platt run away lyrics

Ben Platt – Run Away Lyrics

They met at school that’s how it goes Some drinks and then a rose Then plans to meet again He ...