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Category: Benee

BENEE – Supalonely Lyrics

Supalonely By BENEE I know I f----- up, I’m just a loser Shouldn’t be with ya, guess I’m a critter While you’re out there drinkin’, I’m just here thinkin’ ‘Bout where I should’ve been […]

BENEE – Monsta Lyrics

Monsta By BENEE Lyrics I’m tryna fall asleep Something doesn’t feel right A chill crawls up my skin A tinglin’ down my limbs A shadow in the night My God, it gave me […]

Benee – Find an Island Lyrics

Find an Island By BENEE Lyrics Find an island far away from me (Hey!) A shipwreck lost at sea Where nobody goes, no search party (Hey!) Nobody knows but me […]


Artist: Benee Genre: Alternative Release Date: June 28, 2019 Tracklist: 1. Soaked 2. Glitter 3. Wishful Thinking 4. Afterlife 5. Evil Spider 6. Want Me Back Read All Lyrics To […]

Benee – Want Me Back Lyrics

Want Me Back by Benee Tell me what you want from me, boy Why you gotta act so needy? Maybe you were what I’m missing Maybe I crave your affection […]

Benee – Evil Spider Lyrics

Evil Spider by Benee Baby, you’ve been threaded through my mind Wanna wrap you up inside Crazy, I’ma spin you till you’re blind Roll you up and make you mine […]

Benee – Afterlife Lyrics

Afterlife by Benee A silver gun in which I’m facin’ You’ve got this wrong, you are mistaken Inject me with some kind of poison Body shuts down and I’m left […]

Benee – Wishful Thinking Lyrics

Wishful Thinking by Benee Not like I think about it night after night Your name is echoing inside of my mind Then I got to know you All false hopes […]

Benee – Glitter Lyrics

Glitter by Benee Everyone else has left now I bet the disk got you stressed out Wonderin’, what can we do now? Maybe let it burn out Where I can’t […]

Benee – Soaked Lyrics

Soaked by Benee My tongue is sealed within my mouth These certain words, they can’t come out These thoughts are walking on their own Dancing around with no control I […]