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Category: Big Thief

Big Thief – Forgotten Eyes Lyrics

Forgotten Eyes by Big Thief: Forgotten eyes are the ones which we lose Forgotten hands are the ones which we choose To let go of, but it is no less […]

Big Thief – Not Lyrics

Not By Big Thief It’s not the energy reeling Nor the lines in your face Nor the clouds on the ceiling Nor the clouds in space It’s not the phone […]

Big Thief – Century Lyrics

Century Lyrics [Big Thief] Dogs eyes, in the headlights of the driveway Cool autumn rain Bugs died on your windshield on the freeway Wonder if you’ll be the same centuries […]

Big Thief – UFOF Lyrics

UFOF Lyrics by Big Thief to my ufo friend goodbye, goodbye like a seed in the wind she’s taking up root in the sky see her flickering her system won’t […]