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Category: Billie Eilish


01. !!!!!!!
02. bad guy
03. xanny
04. you should see me in a crown
05. all the good girls go to hell
06. wish you were gay
07. when the party’s over
08. 8
09. my strange addiction
10. bury a friend
11. ilomilo
12. listen before i go
13. i love you
14. goodbye

Billie Eilish – 8 Lyrics

8 Lyrics by Billie Eilish Wait a minute I know you don’t care But, can you listen? I came commited, guess I overdid it Wore my heart out on a […]

Billie Eilish – goodbye Lyrics

goodbye Lyrics by Billie Eilish Please Please, don’t leave me be It’s not true Take me to the rooftop Told you not to worry What do you want from me? […]

Billie Eilish – i love you Lyrics

i love you Lyrics by Billie Eilish It’s not true Tell me I’ve been lied to Crying isn’t like you What the hell did I do? Never been the type […]

Billie Eilish – ilomilo Lyrics

ilomilo Lyrics by Billie Eilish Told you not to worry But maybe that’s a lie Honey, what’s your hurry? Won’t you stay inside Remember not to get too close to […]

Billie Eilish – xanny Lyrics

xanny Lyrics by Billie Eilish What is it about them? I must be missing something They just keep doing nothing Too intoxicated to be scared Better off without them They’re […]

Billie Eilish – bad guy Lyrics

bad guy Lyrics by Billie Eilish White shirt, now red my bloody nose Sleeping, you’re on your tippy toes Creeping around like no one knows Think you’re so criminal Bruises, […]